Thank you, Mohamad, for the work that you have provided to me and to my top executives of my 500 employee company. Your contribution to our success and our ability to grow in this market is paramount to the success of my business. My partners and I appreciate your dedication to our
success. You motivated and guided us to reorganize & commit to our success. Thank you again for your contribution.

Sergio Martinucci, Chairman & CEO Sudler Sotheby’s

Mohamad your contribution to my medical practice is instrumental to our success. We are able to measure the increase in our profits and growth from your direct contribution.  The morale is high and we are attracting the best of the best. Thank you again.


In my 15 years as CEO, my practice has never achieved the growth of this past year. Mohamad’s consistent and dedicated work with us gave us the boost we needed. Our Physicians and staff have seen their personal and professional development grow under Mohamad’s personal

Dr. Thomas III